Power Systems Laboratory

Fall 2017

Course Overview

  • Title: Power Systems Laboratory
  • Credit: One and a half hours
  • Semester: Fall 2017
  • Instructor: Iman Sadeghkhani
  • Email: sadeghkhani@pel.iaun.ac.ir
  • Office: Room #313; 3rd floor
  • Lecture Room: Class --
  • Lecture Hours: U 14:55--16:40
  • Course Website: http://sadeghkhani.ir/psl.html
  • Catalog Description: Simulation and analysis of basic power systems.
  • Course Outline and Information

    Course Topics

    Part I: MATLAB Programming

  • Introduction to MATLAB environment
  • Introduction to mathematics functions and operations
  • Introduction to programming (M-file environment)
  • Introduction to Graphics in MATLAB
  • Part II: Power Systems Simulation Using MATLAB/Simulink

  • Introduction to Simulink environment
  • Introduction to SimPowerSystems Library
  • Simulation and analysis of basic electrical circuits
  • Simulation and analysis of power transformers
  • Simulation and analysis of electrical machines
  • Simulation and analysis of power-electronics circuits
  • Simulation and analysis of power systems including transmission lines studies, power factor correction, …
  • Analysis of power systems in frequency domain
  • Interfacing an M-file with a Simulink model