Ehsan Abbaspour

  • Thesis Title: Multi-agent system protection scheme to protect electrical energy distribution systems
  • Grade: Master of Science
  • Final: Sept. 2018
  • Supervisor: Dr. Bahador Fani
  • Informal Advisor: Dr. Iman Sadeghkhani
  • Abstract

    Despite the fast, reliable and multi-purpose operation of MAS-based protection schemes, the inherent delay or failure of communication system must not affect the vital role of fault clearing, i.e., the ever-increasing renewables in distribution networks as well as network size increase has resulted in a heavy communication burden yielding to delay or even failure in communication. This fact will necessitate having an auxiliary algorithm to save protection system against any load curtailment. To affordably achieve this goal, this thesis proposes a self-healing approach having the ability to temporarily replace the common MAS algorithms during emergency conditions. Accordingly, this thesis, first, classifes the protection tasks into two hierarchical control levels; the frst is responsible for clearing the fault while the second pursues some technical or economical goals. Next, using some less-considered capabilities of the common relays, a penetration-free algorithm is proposed to perform the first-control-level duties without MAS aid. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed is proved on a practical distribution network. In general, this method can be a complement for the common MAS-based protection schemes to avoid any electricity interruption due to protection failure.