Computer Skills and Paper Preparation

Fall 2019

Course Overview

  • Title: Computer Skills and Paper Preparation
  • Credit: Three credit hours
  • Semester: Fall 2019
  • Instructor: Iman Sadeghkhani
  • Email:
  • Office: Room #313; 3rd floor
  • Lecture Room: Class #301
  • Lecture Hours: R 13:30--16:00
  • Course Website:
  • Catalog Description: Enhancing the computer skills and learning the paper preparation fundamentals
  • Course Outline and Information

    Course Topics

  • MATLAB programming
  • Preparing figures in MATLAB for quality publications
  • Simulation of electric circuits using Simulink
  • Introduction to MS Visio to prepare complex diagrams
  • Introduction to bibliographic database and scientific/professional social networking websites
  • Paper writing fundamentals
  • Introduction to LaTeX as a professional document preparation system
  • Files

  • An Introduction to MATLAB (in Persian)
  • High-Quality Graphic in MATLAB (protected by password)
  • Homework 1 (in Persian)
  • Homework 2 (in Persian)
  • توجه: تاریخ تحویل تمرین دوم تا ساعت بیست و یک روز سی دی ماه تمدید شد